Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Student Leadership Prompts

Student leadership in youth ministry does NOT have to be some big, complicated program. I recently handed out a list of five simple and tangible ways our high school students can be leaders in our youth group:

1. Sit down front during worship on Sundays, and encourage other students to join you. Sitting together during worship builds community!

2. Send a couple texts to students who are not as involved, encouraging them to join us for Bible class on Sunday mornings or Refuge on Wednesday nights.

3. Show excitement and enthusiasm for youth events and activities, and most importantly, for your faith in Jesus Christ. 

4. Schedule an impromptu fun outing, like a trip to a fast-food restaurant or a movie night at someone’s house, and invite some people from our youth group. 

5. Say regular prayers for our church family, youth ministry, students, leaders, and activities. Ask God to bless us as we seek to glorify Him and expand His kingdom.


  1. I think I will use these Joseph. Thanks!

  2. Joseph,

    I linked to this article from my blog; these are some great, practical suggestions. Thanks for sharing them.